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Missions Nicaragua

In June I will be travelling to Nicaragua to support some missions.
I will be giving my photography to the missions for use in their publicity, media and websites. I want to be able to give them highest quality images that can change how people will see their mission. Please help me change the lives of many people in Nicaragua.
I am asking for donations for my missions work in Nicaragua. Any amount would be appreciated and allow me to give my work and time to the people of Nicaragua.
Donations can be made online to Missionary Ventures International and are tax deductible.
Team Trip Number:  20130608.2
Member Name: Giles Hooper
Two of he ministries that I will be helping are helping are:
House of Hope Nicaragua,
This amazing ministry helps transform lives from prostitution to freedom in Managua. In Nicaragua, roughly 66% of prostitutes start at age 11. Please visit their site and see who you will be helping.
Helping Hands Nicaragua,
Greg and Sam are changing the lives of many children in Nicaragua. They are actively involved in the comunity helping other ministries and organizations.
Please let me know if you are able to be a part of this mission as MVI guards everyones privacy, and I would like to personally thank you.
You will be able to keep up with this trip and your part in it by viewing my Blog.
You can make a difference, You do make a difference.

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