giles hooper photographer
Aug 25 2011

Flashes Of Hope

Yesterday, I had the privilege of shooting for Flashes Of Hope. If you are not familiar with the wonderful work this organization is doing please check them out at

Flashes of Hope is a nonprofit organization that changes the way children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses see themselves through the gift of photography and raises money for pediatric cancer research.

I would like to commend the work and atmosphere at All Children’s Hospital in St Pete. The nurses and staff I met, while I was there, are a shining example of grace under pressure. The love and hope I felt was tremendous.

The children I photographed are amazing examples of courage and beauty, they still manage to smile and laugh in the face of adversity.

They are role models to all.




This is the beautiful Jasmine, she captured my heart and touched my soul.

Aug 22 2011

Someone To Watch Over Me.

The song says it all,

There’s a somebody I’m longing to see:
I hope that he
Turns out to be
Someone who’ll watch over me.
I’m a littLe lamb who’s lost in the wood;
I know I could
Always be good
To one who’ll watch over me.

Deon watches over this small boy as he sits alone at the back of the service. A gentle touch and smile can change this boy’s life, he will know that someone is there for him, someone who believes in him someone to give him a helping hand.

Who can you help?

How can you make a difference?

Aug 21 2011

Just Feed One….

Mother Teresa once said,”If you cannot feed a hundred, just feed one.”

Who are you feeding?

Who’s life are you speaking into?

Are you making a difference?

It doesn’t have to be Haiti, it can be your next door neighbor, or the homeless person on the side of the road. A kind word or a happy meal could change someones life.

You can make a difference.


Aug 18 2011

The Blind Shall See

Can you change a life for one dollar?
You can when it buys a pair of glasses.
The dollar glasses were given to the people at the old folks home, and the reaction we received was amazing. One couple said they had not seen each other in years. Tears rolled down the face of one woman who could now see the words on a reading chart.
You never think a dollar could do so much.
You can make a difference.

Aug 17 2011

The Forgotten

Do you know this man?

Can you imagine what he has seen?

The old of our generation are not revered, but forgotten.

Could this be you?

You can make a difference.


Aug 16 2011

Big Sis

The roll of guardian to the younger children of the village in Ouanaminthe, falls on the shoulders of their older sisters and brothers. They guard them like mother hens taking care of their chicks. In the midst of the crowd they they do not flinch, but take control and shepherd their younger siblings to safety.

Aug 15 2011

The Laundromat

In the shade under a container tanker at the back of the orphanage, 5 women gather do take care of all the laundry. The women rub and scrub the clothing in large troughs of water and suds. They chatter away and the piles of laundry are quickly dispensed with. It is with amazing efficiency that the washing lines are are filled with clean linens and clothes.


Aug 14 2011

The Kids are Alright

The land is cleared.

The plastic chairs are out.

Children fill the chairs, all 100 of them, and there is a buzz in the air.

Order is restored as the interpreter separates the girls and boys. There is much excitement as the boys and girls praise Jesus and shout wildly. The joy and excitement on their faces is immeasurable.

This is the start of CFC Ouanaminthe, Haiti.

Aug 12 2011

The Chase


The Chase is on.

This young boy runs after our truck as we give away food to the village. The simple hand out of small bags of dry rice and beans can change lives. To see the excitement and fervor over food that we would normally discard as scraps was amazing.

When one of the bags split, people were grabbing what ever was on the ground, this is not dirty trash, but life saving sustenance.

You wonder what a few dollars a month can make? Try looking at these people and you will know for sure.

You can make a difference.

Aug 10 2011

Sister Love

As we travelled along the dry dusty road from our property, throngs of villagers follow behind. We had just finished our first CFC Ouanaminthe, Haiti service. Hundreds of chairs were occupied by children from the village as the adults looked on. With the aide of an interpreter, the salvation message was met with a great show of hands, men, women and children alike. Our youth led the way and prayed over the children as the adults laid hands on the adults. It was an amazing time, to see the start of a change in the lives of these people.

These two sisters were so happy, running along side the truck as we left the property. The gleam in their eyes, belies the truth that these girls are hungry. Most of these people eat at most one meal a day, some do not eat but one in three days.

We all have the power to change lives, if we choose to do so. Unfortunately, most do not.

You can make a difference.